Animal controller in stand-off on porch with gatecrashing alligator

A SC couple have been given an Easter morning to remember after discovering a live 2.7m alligator on their porch.

The Post and Courier of Charleston reports ( Susie and Steve Polston were anxious that someone was trying to get into their home on Sunday.

Susie and Steve Polston - along with their 16-year-old son - cowered in the master bedroom as the terrifying beast prowled around in their home in South Carolina, US.

"It was just surreal". No, it wasn't the Easter bunny. "He was perfectly happy and would have stayed for however long".

They said the large reptile had to climb a 15-foot staircase, break through a screen, climb through a doorway and then push furniture out of the way.

Polston called Ronnie Russell of Gator Getter Consultants, who spent hours trying to coax the reptile off the porch and back to his home. According to the Post and Courier, state law requires that nuisance-trapped alligators be put down. But as the DNR arrived, it got more and more aggressive and would not move at all, the experts had no option but to euthanise the alligator.

Vanessa Coleman