Android 8.1 rolls out to Pixel and Nexus devices

Android 8.1 has officially stepped out of beta and is beginning to roll out to Nexus and Pixel devices.

Indeed, the new OS does include the Pixel Visual Core on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets, which is essentially a co-processor that improves the speed of processing HDR photos. Right now, Pixel and Nexus devices should be getting the update.

You can get started with Android 8.1 Oreo (API level 27) today.

Interestingly, new features could be programmed for the Pixel Visual Core over time, so this is just the beginning. Here's hoping that a similar deal arrives soon for the Pixel 2 XL, which will make it more palatable for users who are interested to buy a big-screen device from Google.

Android Go memory optimizations and targeting: Includes a set of memory optimizations for Android Go configurations (1GB or less of memory). Android Go comes with optimized Google apps which take up to 50% less space and hog less data.

Remember that the manufacturers of the Android devices determine when the updates are pushed out. The Neural Networks API is a foundational layer for ML frameworks like TensorFlow Lite as well as Caffe2 and others. Perhaps the biggest addition is Neural Networks API, or NNAPI, designed for running machine learning operations on mobile systems. The update comes with some security fixes.

Software: Android 8 Oreo, Display: 5.0-inch (127 mm) AMOLED Cinematic display, Full HD, Protection: IP67 Certified water and dust resistant. The app should run and look great, and handle the Android Oreo behavior changes properly. Few changes to notifications and other obvious fixes and security improvements have also been made.

Starting tomorrow, consumers can pick up the 64 GB model Pixel 2 for just ₹39,999 ($620), which represents a whopping discount of ₹21,001 ($326). See the version notes for details on what's new. You can download factory images here and OTA files here. You will not be missing out on the critical updates and that is definitely a good thing. The cheapest Amazon listing we were able to locate quotes $474.99, so you'll be saving $75 with this deal. Head over to the Android Developers site to find more info on launch best practices.

What's next for Android Oreo?

If you have had an Android device for a while, then you know about all of these minor issues. You can also continue to give us feedback or ask questions in the developer community.

Vanessa Coleman