AMD's 7nm Radeon Vega VII takes aim at Nvidia's RTX 2080

At AMD's CES 2019 keynote, the company unveiled the Radeon VII gaming graphics card.

The processor runs with the 7 nanometer Radeon VII GPU, Cnet reported.

Higher performance for less power while using the same number of cores and threads is a clear win for AMD, but it's to be expected given that third-generation Ryzen CPU cores are built on a 7nm process, whereas Intel's desktop CPUs are still on the ageing 14nm.

The new AMD Radeon VII comes equipped with 60 compute units/3840 stream processors running at up to 1.8GHz and 16GB of ultra-fast HBM2 memory.

Radeon VII is set to be more far more powerful than 2017's Vega 64 and 56. And things went off just fine with gameplay being pure fluid.

Lisa Su revealed the graphics card's specs too. However, the difference here is that the AMD's 7nm Instinct GPUs is meant for the professionals while the Radeon VII is aimed at the gaming community. "I believe the Radeon VII will perform best in the consumer creative space given its 16 gigabytes of high-bandwidth memory, but it will also perform well in gaming". Su claimed that the Radeon VII saw 35 per cent better performance in Battlefield V at 4K and the highest settings, and 25 per cent improvement in Fortnite. What's more, being built on a 7nm process allows the card to achieve up to 25 percent more performance without increasing power draw.

Smooth gaming with Radeon FreeSync: With the high speeds of today's graphics cards, framerates often exceed the monitor refresh rate, causing stuttering and tearing.

When asked about the new AMD GPU, Jensen Huang told PCWorld that he found this new GPU underwhelming.

AMD's longtime manufacturing partner Global Foundries a year ago said it would quit trying to develop such advanced manufacturing techniques on its own, and AMD said it would move all of its 7-nanometer production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, which analysts also believe is making 7nm chips for Apple Inc. AMD has pushed performance in games as one of the big selling points and, while those benchmarks are reasonably impressive, the Radeon 7's $699 price tag holds it back somewhat.

Vanessa Coleman