Amazon's Echo can now distinguish between voices

At the time of the removal of popular video service from the touchscreen smart-speaker device "Amazon Echo Show", Google claimed the device violating its terms of services by developing a "broken user experience".

Around 11% or so of US consumers own an Amazon Echo or Google Home, making the percentages relatively small but the numbers high. The new feature started to roll out yesterday.

Alexa, can now recognise different voices to ensure that the responses are personalised for each user. Over on the Amazon careers website, you can now apply for the position of data specialist, to join the dedicated Amazon Echo team right here in Cambridge.

However, Google added the ability to detect different voices to its own Google Home speaker back this April, so Amazon is simply playing catch up. It's a convenient new skill for family's the share Alexa and a way to keep your speaker from being "hijacked" by jokester visitors.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are the most used devices for controlling the majority of smart home products, according to the researchers. Also, the user won't need to perform this training for every Alexa device they have. As this puts both the devices on the same page, the battle between the smart speakers has become more intense. To set up a new voice profile, fire up the Alexa app on your phone, head to Settings Your voice and then recite ten phrases. Just like Siri and Google Assistant, you will be prompted to read a list of commands to train Alexa with your voice pattern.

Fourth-quarter sales of smart speakers could reach almost 12 million units worldwide, bringing the full-year sales total to 24 million units, Strategy Analytics said in a news release.

Vanessa Coleman