Amazon to Provide Competitive Gaming Service

GameOn is one of Amazon's big announcements for its Amazon Developer Day as part of GDC 2018, which launches today in San Francisco.

GameOn is a set of tools for developers that allows them to create cross-platform competitions for their games quickly.

The service also allows developers to "drive engagement and increase monetization of their games", according to the press release, and supports leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round competitions, not to mention custom events like local and regional competitions.

Amazon has not yet announced what prizes it will make available to gamers who participate in these tournaments but, considering the breadth of the Amazon Store, it's certainly not lacking in the prize department. And AWS offers a host of developer tools, game engines and more products for companies looking to use cloud services to build their games. Those in other countries will have to settle for in-game rewards provided by the developer. Physical prizes from Amazon will only be available in the USA at launch. "GameOn saved us months of development and a whole lot of maintenance and logistical overhead in the long run", said Eden Games CMO Pascal Clarysse.

GameOn allows you to award digital and real-world prizes to players while retaining complete control over the prize type, value, and quantity.

There are now a handful of developers tapping into GameOn, such as Game Insight, Eden Games, Umbrella Games.

Amazon GameOn will be powering competitions in highly anticipated sequels from Vector Unit and Lima Sky with the ability to win prizes in both Beach Buggy Racing 2 and a brand-new Doodle Jump title. After May 1, Amazon said the first 35,000 plays per month are free for a limited time, and after that developers will be charged $0.003 per play.

Vanessa Coleman