Amazon Strikes Again; the Dressing Room in Your House

Amazon is launching a new challenge to Nordstrom, Macy's and other department stores with a service called Prime Wardrobe that lets online shoppers select and ship a box of clothes, shoes and accessories to their homes to try them on before buying. Also, Prime Amazon will deliver shipments in a resealable box along with a prepaid shipping label. Customers have seven days to decide what they like and only pay for what they keep.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced Prime Wardrobe, which gives Amazon the potential to disrupt the fashion industry further. The company has not yet announced when the service will be more widely available, according to González. If they keep three or four items in their box, they save 10%.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is a new fashion platform that looks similar to other wardrobe subscription services. Then, return any unwanted items at a UPS location or schedule a free pick-up.

Prime Wardrobe will soon be included in all Prime members' memberships, the company added.

Amazon is poised to surpass Macy's this year as the largest USA clothing seller, according to Cowen & Co. analysts.

"You have the freedom to try new styles, and there's no better place than in your own room", Amazon said in a video introducing its new service.

The industry observer expects Amazon's share of the US clothing market will increase from 6.6 percent previous year, to 16.2 percent by 2021. Shoppers receive discounts based on how much they keep - up to 20% off if they keep five items or more.

Prime Wardrobe allows customers to pick three or more items to try on within a week before paying for anything.

Vanessa Coleman