Amazon Launches New Web Browser For Android Smartphones

Compatible with all versions of Android from 5.0 onwards, Internet is billed as a "lite" application, which is a small download (just under 2MB) and isn't resource-intensive to run.

Comparing it to some popular smartphone browsers, the Google Chrome browser is 21MB, Microsoft Edge is 54.5 MB, Mozilla Firefox is 19.9 MB and Opera browser is 14.7MB.

The Google Play description of the new browser notes that it's "private", which is maybe because it doesn't ask for extra permissions from the user or collects private data like other browsers do. The feature stricken apps are built to appeal to users of low-end devices who encounter slow internet speeds and buy smaller sachets of data from providers. With the amount of incompatibility across various devices, there's a chance that Amazon might still be in beta stages for such an app, the same reason why the company opted for a silent soft launch. Local handset maker Intex's site is also listed here for whatever reason, and it's likely Amazon has inked a deal with the manufacturer to pre-install its browser on Intex's phones. It includes a simple homepage with trending news, tab previews, a private browsing mode, and that's about it.

This app is having a section which combines all the news from the world and then shows it on the home page just like other browsers like Google Chrome do. Still, the app has over 20 reviews and 4.2 rating in Play Store.

He also called out the perfomance of the Prime service in India and said the company plans to invest more in the service going forward.

We tried installing the app on our Android devices available in the office but found that the app was not compatible with nearly all the smartphones at hand at the time of writing.

This app is named "Internet: fast, lite and private".

It's interesting to see Amazon branching out from its traditional market of e-commerce apps and Alexa to more mainstream apps like a browser.

Similar to Amazon's efforts, Google and Facebook have also rolled out a suite of lightweight apps for emerging markets like India.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Vanessa Coleman