Alphabet's X.Company Launches Glass Enterprise Edition

More than 50 businesses - including AGCO, DHL, Dignity Health, NSF International, Sutter Health, The Boeing Company, and Volswagen - have been using Glass for the past two years as part of a limited program.

Glass Enterprise Edition remains a small, lightweight wearable with a transparent display that puts information into user's line of sight.

Google says that the new version will both be more comfortable and have a longer battery life, although the design is similar to that of the original.

"None of us have given up on the idea that over time Glass will become less and less intrusive, and that more and more people will use it", said Teller. I'd like to request a couple corrections in your article about Glass on Hard|OCP.

In the three years since Google Glass faded out from the world, there's been a trickle of news about an alleged "enterprise edition" of the headset. Google have now unexpectedly announced a new version of the smart glasses technology, with a new look.

Developers said Tuesday the new "Enterprise Edition" of the gadget is now more widely available for companies in manufacturing, agriculture and health care. However, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, and its X division continued working on it.

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The revamped version of the technology includes a more powerful processor than its predecessor, as well as a vastly improved camera and a battery life of nearly twice as long as the original.

Thanks to Google Glass, GE Aviation has seen improvements in its fix process. They were expensive (at $1,500 a piece), fairly uncomfortable, and deemed invasive to anyone's privacy as they had the potential to record video and take photos with minimal effort, and with no clear indication.

To push Google Glass EE into more enterprises, Alphabet has removed the nondisclosure requirement on the wearable. DHL, meanwhile, estimates its increased its supply chain efficiency by 15% by providing real time instructions to workers at its facilities. Instead, the Glass team has spent the last two years working with industry partners to develop a business-friendly variant of the spectacles called Glass Enterprise Edition.

Google Glass originally launched in 2013 and was initially a novel concept for consumers. Rather than spend time taking notes that are later dictated for transcriptionists, doctors can connect with patients with remote scribes taking notes in real time.

Vanessa Coleman