Alleged Razer phone appears on GFXBench leaking its specs

What we can expect is something made specifically for gamers, as Razer is known for making enthusiast grade gaming devices with impressive performance. Razer has announced that they will launch their first smartphone called the Razer Phone on 1st November 2017. The tweet has the following tagline: "Watch for our biggest unveiling...", followed by a link to watch the event's livestream that's being hosted next month.

So the upcoming Razer should be a lot more adept at handling heavy 3D games and multitasking, going by its specs.

Razer's new smartphone is only expected to launch on november 1, but the leaks have already begun.

Razer has already told the world that a smartphone is coming.

Tom Moss, head of company's mobile device department, showed prototype with a tweet. "We're hoping to have it the end of the year, so that's something we're working on", he added.

A Razer smartphone isn't something that would materialize out of thin air. Ever since Razer acquired start-up Nextbit - the company behind the Robin - speculations have been rife that Razer may launch a smartphone soon enough. Razer didn't outline its plans for Nextbit at the time, though analysts widely believed the move signaled Razer's interest in mobile devices. It will also feature the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 835 processor backed by 8GB of RAM. But it's dabbled in gaming-centric mobile devices before.

What do you think Razer's unveiling is going to be?

Hopefully, Razer will have a few more surprises for us apart from what we see here during its reveal event. In terms of cameras, the Razer phone could carry a 12MP camera on its back and an 8MP one up front. But no one knows about technical details of device.

As for the OS version, that's said to be the "Android Razer Edition" of Android 7.1.1. But what stands out is its 8GB of RAM.

Vanessa Coleman