All Delta flights grounded due to computer glitch

Flights have resumed Monday morning for Delta passengers after a system outage caused widespread delays, but more delays are possible, said a spokeswoman for the Will Rogers World Airport.

Delta however says cancellations and delays continue.

How is the computer outage affect Delta Air Line stock prices? Over the next several hours, only a handful of flights took off instead of the usual hundreds, according to flight-tracking services.

Though additional charges may apply to customers seeking changes with their reservation agents, the airline company says it will issue a waiver on such charges when rescheduled travel occurs beyond August 12, 2016.

Industry consultants say airlines face an increasing risk from computer disruptions as they automate more of their operations, distribute boarding passes on smartphones and fit their planes with Wi-Fi. Mann said monitors typically display cached data until the computer system updates with new information.

It is unclear whether passengers on board flights to Ghana on Monday morning were affected by the delays.

Delta operates 5,000 departures a day and is a member of the SkyTeam alliance alongside airlines including Air France-KLM.

Delta Airlines told the Associated Press that it has grounded all of its flights after experiencing an unspecified systems issue.

Delta shares were down 2 percent in pre-market trading. Some passengers were stuck on the tarmac.

Budget carrier Southwest Airlines Co halted departures last month after a technical problem, while American Airlines Group Inc suspended flights from three of its hubs last September after technical problems.

Vanessa Coleman