Alabama chief judge who rejected gay 'marriage' leads Republican poll for governor

The Human Rights Campaign - or HRC - issued a statement Thursday saying it had placed a billboard off Interstate 85 near Hutchinson Street in downtown Montgomery.

Staver pointed to Moore being the top potential candidate for Alabama governor in a recent poll as proof of the judge's popularity in Alabama.

Papers submitted by attorneys representing Moore in a state judicial ethics case that could result in his ouster showed that Moore asked the other justices to clarify the state's position in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling.

In newly released memos, the public gets to see how Alabama's chief justice compared gays to Nazis as he tried convincing fellow judges not to recognize same-sex marriage.

While the charges - relating to actions Moore took to fight same-sex couples' marriage rights in the state - are pending, Moore is not allowed to sit on the state's Supreme Court under the state's Constitution. Moore issued a memorandum to them answering the questions - and afterwards the Judicial Inquiry Commission removed him from office pending a hearing. "Please tell your friends, your family and your church about what is happening to Judge Moore and about the trial and rally", according to the email.

The commission accused Moore of violating judicial ethics with an order to state probate judges about the dispute over gay marriage.

U.S. District Judge Harold Albritton wrote in a 21-page opinion that Moore - who argued his automatic suspension following the charges made by the Judicial Inquiry Commission was unconstitutional - could still raise those concerns in state court, and that the federal court could not intervene.

The move drew criticism from same-sex "marriage" supporters, even a rebuke from President Obama, a proponent of homosexual "marriage".

But Moore expressly stated in his order that he could not provide guidance to the probate judges because the matter was pending before the Alabama Supreme Court, Staver said.

Vanessa Coleman