Actress Sri Reddy goes for half n**e and protests on road

Sri Reddy, an upcoming 27-year-old actress and crusader against the casting couch malady in Tollywood, the Telugu film industry, was arrested on Saturday for stripping in front of the Film Chamber of Commerce office at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

Reddy, who staged the protest on Saturday morning outside the office of Telugu Film Chamber, said that she was asked to send inappropriate pictures and videos to get a chance in Telugu films, and threatened to expose names of people who "exploit young, aspiring actors".

The anchor turned actor, said that despite having applied for the membership card she had not been given that.

Sri Reddy was later taken to a police station. She said, "They see the videos and give no roles". She added that most of the roles are given to "imported" actresses from Mumbai and elsewhere while local talent is pushed into the vicious circle of sexual exploitation. There were protests and denials from some of them including leading director Shekhar Kammula who rubbished her charges. Reddy refused and continued her protest.

The Telugu new channels gave prime slots to debate her allegations, which led to a series of new controversies.

Sri Reddy said no roles were given to Telugu girls in the film industry. She has been denied membership in the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) but her overture has left many Telugu film directors and producers in a shock. She also punted fingers at Indian Idol singer Sreeram Chandra. Sri Reddy was unmoved. "She has not given any complaints regarding her allegations to police till now", stated an officer as per the same report. "We'll take action after watching CCTV footage". Her post reads, " Kcrgaru Meru ma badhaardamcheskopothe, niraharadeekshachestha, which was following by u, and u were succeed. if u can't see it still, then I wl take a next step that I wl stand nude in public sir.please wake up.I dnt even know how to meet u sir". They have even asked for live nude videos from me.

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