Aarushi Case: Convinced Of Talwars' Innocence, Harish Salve Tells NDTV

Allahabad High Court on Thursday acquitted Nupur Talwar and Rajesh Talwar in Aarushi Talwar murder case. The case that has been running till 2013 has had its latest developments, as the parents of Aarushi Talwar have finally been declared as innocent of the heinous crime and consequently have been acquitted by the Allahabad High Court.

The findings, however, were trashed by then CBI director Ashwani Kumar who found holes in the investigation by Arun Kumar.

The Talwar couple were sentenced to life by a Ghaziabad CBI court on November 28, 2013 for the double murder.

After release of Nupur and Rajesh from jail, the family along after consulting with lawyers will decide on the next course of action.

Jailor of the Gaziabad's Dasna prison Dadhiram Maurya said the Talwars felt they have got justice and were praying.

Some were baffled by one main question: who killed Arushi?

In an earlier interview with Bar & Bench, Senior Advocate Rebecca John, who had represented the Talwars, highlighted the shoddy manner in which investigation into the case had taken place.

Pronouncing the verdict in a packed court room, the bench held that as per the circumstances and the evidence on record the dentist couple could not be held guilty.

"Justice delayed is NOT justice denied".

The CBI court had relied on circumstantial evidence to convict the couple in the absence of any motive. Their schedule was normal. Any person after spending this amount of jail (time) will feel happy to get freedom.

The verdict ends a nine-year ordeal of the parents who were found guilty by a CBI court of murdering 14-year-old Aarushi.

Aarushi was found murdered in her bedroom with her throat slit in her home in Jalvayu Vihar in Noida on May 16, 2008. And, Why are police and CBI silent when the killers are still out there?

Vanessa Coleman