A former lawyer for the trump was a Democrat

US President Donald Trump has mocked the #MeToo movement as he intensified his criticism of the campaign against sexual harassment and assault, which almost hit his Supreme Court pick Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In 2012, a week after Hurricane Sandy hit the NY area, Obama appeared at a campaign rally alongside Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen in OH on the eve of the presidential election. We will always be successful at what we do'.

At the rally, the president took aim at Democrats over their treatment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and lodged his most direct allegation yet against Hillary Clinton. Trump called it a "historic week", saying, "What the radical Democrats did to Brett Kavanaugh and his attractive family is a national disgrace".

In it, he attacks Democrats as "radical socialists", accusing them of being a great danger to "every single citizen".

He added: 'Democrats want to abolish America's borders and allow drugs and gangs to pour into our country'.

He talked about exiting the Iran nuclear deal and drew wild applause for mentioning his plans for a Space Force.

Trump's own father, Fred, was a successful real estate developer who set his son up in business. The news was originally reported by Axios. "I can't do it", Trump said at a mid-term election rally in Pennsylvania, and then he pointed at the phrase "the girl that got away".

Trump's rare opinion column rails against Democrats' proposals for health care, which he paints as a rip off for USA seniors who have paid into the existing medicare system their whole lives.

"Government-run health care is just the beginning", Trump's op-ed reads. "Democrats are also pushing massive government control of education, private-sector businesses and other major sectors of the US economy".

"No, Mr. President. Our proposal would not cut benefits for seniors on Medicare".

Vanessa Coleman