A 'Colorless' Cup of Joe, Plus White Teeth

Some insist it tastes just like regular cold coffee or iced cold brew, while others are far less kind.

Slovakian brothers Adam and David Nagy did away with the color of coffee - as well as extraneous vowels - for CLR CFF, which lists only water, coffee and caffeine as ingredients.

We all love coffee, right?

People have always taken their Java brown, but it has created a problem of staining the teeth - a problem the two brothers have noted and the reason why they concocted the coffee.

According to the company, the coffee is made from arabica coffee beans and pure water, and produced by what it calls "methods which have been never used before". It contains zero preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers or sweeteners, while offering a caffeine boost. "There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we chose to create our own recipe".

The coffee is now available online (shipping to the U.S.) and at Selfridges and Whole Foods Market stores in the UK.

But the trend of doing unusual things with coffee is nowhere near the end; we now have clear coffee. "In fact, it's very drinkable".

Two-pack costs about $7.50.

Vanessa Coleman