72-year-old Oklahoma woman kills 17 copperheads with shotgun, shovel

Amazed by what she saw, Thompson posted a photo of the dead snakes on Facebook with the caption: "Mrs. Newby killed 11 copperheads last night at her house!"

Not Mrs. Newby. While most of her peers were probably dozing off in front of cable news, Mrs. Newby was savagely butchering almost a dozen copperhead snakes outside her home in Oklahoma.

Thompson, however, is just proud to call Mrs. Newby her friend.

The post on Thursday by a woman named Susan Thompson showed a 72-year-old woman named Mrs. Newby celebrating her handiwork with a cup of coffee in her house dress.

In another Facebook post this weekend, Thompson said her neighbor had killed almost 20. Thompson said her determined neighbor planned to "sit outside last night and wait for some more" snakes. "She is 72 years old!"

Thompson's Facebook post has been shared more than 250 times. One Facebook user wrote that she needed Mrs. Newby to come rid her property of snakes.

"Oh my goodness! That is just insane.!" one person commented.

"Dang I could of used her this morning!"

Vanessa Coleman