70 percent say Trump's actions unpresidential

However, although the ABC/Washington Post poll points to a bad approval rating, it indicates that Trump is being perceived as a president handling the economy well.

Before turning to that question, an important caveat is that a widely cited average of Trump approval rating polls by Real Clear Politics does show Trump's rating hovering around 40 percent. What's more, his disapproval rating went up, at 58 percent, which is 5 percentage points higher than previously.

Mr Trump's healthcare plans were also unpopular, with less than a quarter of those surveyed preferring the Republican bill to existing laws.

Justin Gallagher, East County chair of the Republican Party, said, "The national media sometimes get too enthralled in different investigations and stuff rather than talking about policies that can help everyday Americans".

Trump, who is known to keep a close eye on polls, responded with predictable scorn, tweeting that the ABC-Washington Post polls were "just about the most inaccurate poll around election time".

Almost 70% of those who thought Russian Federation interfered, said they believe Trump's aides attempted to collude with Russian Federation.

At the six-month mark 59% of Americans polled approved of former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama's.

The results look even bleaker when Trump's numbers are placed side-by-side with other presidents.

And in another recent poll that just looked at counties that voted for Trump, he sits at a 50 percent approval rating.

The result is the lowest for any president in 70 years.

This latest poll was conducted July 10-13 amid a flurry of news about the meeting that Donald Trump Jr. had with a Russian lawyer offering damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

In terms of negotiating on the United States' behalf, 66% are less trusting of Trump working with world leaders, and the same percentage was less trusting of Trump dealing with Russia President Vladimir Putin. Two thirds said they do not trust Trump to negotiate with other world leaders on the U.S. behalf. Trump is less popular than Gerald Ford, who pardoned Richard Nixon after he took office due to Nixon's resignation.

Vanessa Coleman