260K Amazon Power Banks Recalled Over Fire, Burn Risks

Four people in the United States have reported property damage due to smoke or fire, while another said that contact with leaking battery acid caused chemical burns.

There have already been 53 reported incidents of the power banks overheating and four cases of it causing damage to properties of the owners. All customers that have purchased an affected unit will be contacted and asked to register their product for a refund.

Consumers are told to immediately unplug and stop using the recalled power banks.

Amazon is targeting 260,000 units including the 16,100 mAh, 10,000 mAh, 5,600 mAh, 3,000 mAh and 2,000 mAh capacity models.

They were sold at Amazon.com, Amazon Bookstores and Amazon Pop-Up Stores from December 2014 through July 2017 for $9-$40. Product ID number B00LRK8EVO, B00LRK8HJ8, B00LRK8I7O, B00LRK8IV0, B00LRK8JDC or B00ZQ4JQAA is printed on the back. If your power bank leaks liquid, this is battery acid and you shouldnt touch it because it can burn your skin. The company is promising to provide customers with refunds for their purchases. The Basics program offers lower cost items similar to name brand items which they can do due to lower cost of manufacturing in China.

As with recalls of other products, even if you haven't experienced any problems with your device, better be safe than sorry later on. Keep an eye on your inbox if you happen to own one of the affected units.

Vanessa Coleman