156 'new' games added in 2017 with more to follow

There's no denying that 2017 has been a great year for video games, with no shortage of success for Microsoft, including the release of the Xbox One X. Despite a lackluster lineup of games when the powerful console launched in October, next year is set to deliver some heavy hitting titles.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III, and it's totally free for the whole month! Starting on January 16 and lasting through February 15, Ubisoft's Zombi will be available to download for free on Xbox One. However, it's going to be free for Xbox One owners, so there's nothing really to lose in the process.

And a look at the list of fan requested games doesn't make it any easier, with a number of the games with the most votes already have some sort of HD Xbox One rerelease. What's good, is that both Xbox 360 titles are playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. It holds a 76 on Metacritic and is available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One from January 1st through January 15th. The game, which is normally priced at $14.99, will be free for members all month.

On Xbox 360, you can get the action-adventure title Tomb Raider Underworld, normally $19.99, for free from January 1 through 15.

Equallly, whilst we know more original Xbox games will be coming in the months ahead, players shouldn't expect to see the full catalogue of original Xbox titles in the future. Then from January 16 through 31, you can get the two-person shooter Army of Two, normally $14.99, gratis. If you're looking for some older games to play that you may have missed, Backward Compatible games on sale include Wolfenstein 3D, various Assassin's Creed titles, the BioShock series, and Blue Dragon - just to name a few.

Vanessa Coleman