10000 flee as Bali volcano rumbles

Bali's global airport in Denpasar, which is used by millions of foreign tourists each year, is now operating as normal, the officials say.

Bali's Governor has declared a province-wide natural disaster even before the eruption of the Mt Agung volcano, as thousands seek shelter away from the mountain.

Already evacuated about 10,000 people have already been evacuated. "People around Mount Agung also do not have enough experience to face the eruption because this volcano last erupted".

"Volcanic activity remains high and there are indications of magma rising to the surface and causing tremors", Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman for the NDMA, said. More than 9500 people have left the houses at Bali and moved to Karangasem, Klungkung, and Buleleng due to the high alert of the volcanic eruption.

Bali governor Made Mangku Pastika also made sure the activity in Mount Agung doesn't disturb the tourism, he asked everyone to stop publishing fake news because Bali is a national and global tourist destination.

After the alert, numerous people living near the Bali have left their homes to be safe even if the volcanic eruption takes place.

Kuta is a resort area and beach where a large number of people visit Bali in Indonesia.

A man observes the Mount Agung with binoculars at a viewing point in Bali, Indonesia, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017.

Travellers have been issued a new travel warning amid fears of a volcano eruption on the lovely island.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency said no one should be within 9km of the crater and within 12km to the north, northeast, southeast and south-southwest where lava flows or rapidly moving white-hot ash clouds from an eruption could reach.

"The mountain has not erupted until now, the quake happens less frequently but the magnitude is getting stronger", Gede Suantika, a senior volcanologist at the agency told AFP.

It is located on the Pacific "Ring of Fire," an arc of volcanoes and fault lines caused by the meeting of several tectonic plates.

"Contact your airline or tour operator to confirm travel plans", it said.

Vanessa Coleman